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Product Description

The best way to find out whether water is available in your land is to investigate using any geophysical techniques adopted by a qualified hydro geologist. By the service of Experienced Senior Ground Water Surveyor's crew for finding most suitable site using the latest Computerized Sound Survey Systems. Their findings are 90% accurate.

Techniques used in drilling of a bore well :

Ancient techniques utilized driving of tubes inside the earth to drill well using mud or water as a liquid media. Then after the invention of diesel engines, rotary drilling was used to remove cores out of the earth. This was called calyx method. There are several methods used for drilling Bore well. Most commonly used are Compressor Drilling, Manual Drilling and Rotary Drilling. Compressor Drilling is done with the vehicle fitted with High Power Hydraulic Air Compressor Machine. It is commonly used to drill on soil surface and hard rock. Another method is by manual Drilling or Hand Bore. This is most suited for lands with Clay or Sand. All these drillings will be at 4 1/2", 5", 6 1/2", 7" & 8 1/2" Dia. Air compressors and pneumatic drilling equipments are used to drill bore wells up to 3000 feet. The rates for drilling a bore well depend on the location, nature of soil and availability of water.

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